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In case you are on the lookout for something to assist relieve tension on a deeper level, this treatment is perfect by itself or in tandem with a deep tissue massage. An alternative therapy that originates from ancient Chinese healing practices, Салон карамель Тверь this therapy entails the pores and skin being gently suctioned upwards in a cup, by a hand held pump. Throughout this therapy, therapists could apply either stationary or gliding cups. When utilizing gliding cups, a skilled therapist applies the cup to suction to the skin, then they move it along the length of the muscle, launch the suction, and eventually incorporate a therapeutic massage that is customized to your wants. This process, incorporating therapeutic massage and cupping, approaches tension in two different ways, by downward pressure (the massage) and upward suction (cupping).

We’re specialists in this field of tantric therapeutic massage therapy and we have now a great deal of expertise available by our lovely masseuses. We’re a British run firm with tantric masseuses here to serve and thrill you from all around the world. Our expert, massage therapists will relieve the stress in your physique, to begin with as that is so crucial to real relaxation.