Every Thing It’s Worthwhile To Know Concerning The Microsoft Exchange Server Hack

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CVE-2021-26855: CVSS 9.1: a Server Facet Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability leading to crafted HTTP requests being despatched by unauthenticated attackers. Servers should be in a position to accept untrusted connections over port 443 for the bug to be triggered.

– CVE-2021-26857: CVSS 7.8: an insecure deserialization vulnerability in the Exchange Unified Messaging Service, permitting arbitrary code deployment beneath SYSTEM. However, this vulnerability must be mixed with one other or stolen credentials have to be used.

– CVE-2021-26858: CVSS 7.8: a put up-authentication arbitrary file write vulnerability to write down to paths.

– CVE-2021-27065: CVSS 7.8: a publish-authentication arbitrary file write vulnerability to write to paths.

If utilized in an attack chain, all of these vulnerabilities can lead dollar to bitcoin Remote Code Execution (RCE), server hijacking, backdoors, information theft, and probably additional malware deployment.

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