How TO Create A Telegram Bot For Your Business?

Better Telegram or WhatsApp?

It is a contest that leaves the time it finds, because each channel, each social, has its own peculiarities and characteristics.

What is certain is that at the moment Telegram offers companies some features that the cousin owned by Facebook cannot offer.

Let's talk about bots, thanks to which companies can complete a wide range of activities.

In this post, I'll focus on and then explain how to create one with which to achieve your marketing and communication objectives.

Telegram for companies: 3 factors to prefer it to WhatsApp

Let's start right from the beginning: what is Telegram. This is the online messaging service that today boasts over 200,000 users globally.

Looking at the channel from the perspective of the companies, there are three fundamental characteristics that Telegram guarantees:

Complete user anonymity Public domain API: in this way developers can implement services, add modes and options, develop bots. Broadcast logic: the fundamental characteristic is the unidirectionality of communication, one to many.

In the channels, the recipients do not have the possibility to reply, but only and exclusively to view the content sent to them.

This last feature makes Telegram the perfect channel for companies that want to update their customers on news, promotions, and events: a sort of mailing list with the characteristics of Conversational chatbot Marketing.

To put this marketing potential into practice, companies can count on MailUp, which expands Telegram's potential: the fundamental tool is called Messaging Apps and allows you to connect the buy telegram subscribers account to the Mail Up platform, so as to manage the messaging as a real Digital Marketing channel.

Messaging Apps allows you to:

Create content-rich messages Automate automatic campaign flows Send by setting times and frequencies Trace the openings and clicks in the message.

The hardest part is figuring out what and how companies can communicate on Telecom chatbot.

What are Telegram bots?

A bot store is a non-human “user” of Telegram, made up of lines of code and capable of performing more or less complex actions automatically, receiving user commands in the form of HTTP requests.

There are two types of Telecom chatbot:

Stand-alone bot, equipped with an independent chat window in which the user can issue commands. To reach a stand-alone bot just add it through a link. Inline bot store, which can be called from other chat windows (single or group) via the @namebot command.

Let's see two examples:

Stand alone bot: Netflix news, to find out which films and series will be released on the platform. Inline bot: @gif, which works like this: by typing the @gif keyword_key within a chat window, the bot offers animated GIFs corresponding to the entered keyword, taken directly from the Giphy portal.

How to create a telecom bot?

But let's get to the point: how to create the bot for your company, customizing it according to our needs. To do it is very simple, just follow these few indications:

Enter Telegram and write @BotFather: it is the father of all bots on Telegram At this point, select the chat with the BotFather In the conversation that opens, click on the Start button As the BotFather will suggest, write / newsbot in the conversation At this point, BotFather will ask you a series of questions about the initial configuration of your bot:

The name you want to give to the bot

The username: this is the account name that you will use to connect to the bot store via your website or to external software (remember that it must necessarily end with the word bot.

Telecom chatbots are helping to revolutionize the concept of communication, in particular the relationship between brands and customers, bringing marketing more and more towards the conversational frontier. You can start communicating with your users on Telegram starting today.

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