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Workplace security is top of thoughts for all enterprise owners, particularly those who work in probably hazardous industries. For many building sites and their staff, строительство подстанций the chance of an on-site damage is excessive. However, at Sigalarm we delight ourselves on making products that may vastly help keep you and your tools protected on the job. Beneath are three examples of overhead power line tales with a lower than joyful ending. Each of these tales demonstrates how the proper security equipment and warning devices could have safeguarded lives and costly gear.

154. Choose up the correct assertion from the following

(a) programme evaluation and assessment technique is occasion oriented

(b) programme analysis and review method is just not event oriented

(c) vital path method is occasion oriented

(d) critical.path methodology is not activity oriented

(e) none of the above.

155. Decide up the right assertion from the


(a) essential path methodology is an improvement upon bar chart methodology

(b) critical path technique provides a realistic strategy to the daily problems

(c) critical path technique avoids delays which are very common in bar chart

(d) vital path methodology was invented by Morgan R. Walker of Dupot and James E. Kelley of Remington U.S.A in 1957

(e) all the above.

Each space of overhead line development has its particular options. The cables or traces can be insulated aerial cable, AL or CU conductors, Aldrey wires, Alumoweld conductors or floor wires with inside fibre optics, so-known as OPGW. That is why very different requirements are positioned on the line-pulling equipment. Questions have to be requested, equivalent to: Do the rollers should be fitted with a rubber insert? Is the bending radius enough, or might tandem devices have to be used? How will outdated traces be replaced which need to cross roads, railways traces or rivers without disrupting visitors? There are lots of questions – most of which we will give you an answer to. We can be completely satisfied to discuss any points and options regarding your duties.

This Master’s programme is a novel study opportunity in Finland, combining data of and working methods in production engineering, industrial design and material development. It emphasises a mix of design skills and engineering qualifications by means of venture courses through which college students apply their knowledge to follow. Initiatives are carried out in shut cooperation with Finnish and European industries. Consequently, this programme is a popular major topic that has seen a speedy growth in applicant numbers nationally and internationally.