Web Cryptography API

This specification gives a uniform interface for many various sorts of keying materials managed by the consumer agent. This may occasionally include keys which have been generated by the user agent, derived from other keys by the consumer agent, imported to the person agent by means of person actions or using this API, pre-provisioned within software or hardware to which the person agent has access or made obtainable to the person agent in other methods. The term key refers broadly to any keying material including actual keys for cryptographic operations and secret values obtained within key derivation or trade operations.

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3. Perform the encryption operation defined in Section 7.1 of [RFC3447] with the key represented by key as the recipient’s RSA public key, the contents of plaintext because the message to be encrypted, M and label because the label, L, and with the hash function specified by the hash attribute of the [[algorithm]] internal slot of key as the Hash option and MGF1 (outlined in Part B.2.1 of [RFC3447]) because the MGF choice.